quoting quotes


a new week from a new semester just passed at the garden of knowledge and virtue and im starting to realize much more values than ever.oh and im thinking of quoting every quotes that ive heard and like alongside the road im walking here at IIUM.theheeee.mcm best kan?

gladly quoted from my PSA lecturer this week was

"view RM less, view value more"

we were talking about public sector (i think so) and it was quite nice when he stressed more on welfare of society rather than rich-ing the people.oh and he added some "people" shud take note (in sarcasm.haha).

and only later then, that i realize he was only put it that way so we all buy the textbook he recommended, rather than photocopy-ing.sheeeesh.and to add, more than one subject prefer the new edition book this semester, meaning you cant use your senior's.

ouh tiq.bende2 lagha len melambak hang dok beli.buku text 6 bijik xkan x bole kan?kan?