the 10 lessons from final exam


this is just a crappy list a humourly-interesting-in-opinion-list not out of normal stuff i usually wrote pun kan?just because ive recently been in the greatest harsh passage of final exam [it never been me] and with all the times i have now [thats right.5 months ahead of holiday.yes people.5 MONTHS!] i have began philosophizing my head of lessons from final here goes.

the letter


from the desk of ___ foyer __ CAC (fill in the blank), current-nobody-but-future-somebody for life.

dear all.may this note reach you in good iman, emotion and health.

please please please stop chit-chatting, ber-sembang-ing, laughing, giggling, slapping happily, or pretending like you are not any examination assistants when technically instead that you are, and still doing it even when somebody gave you the most horrible angriest stupidest daring ever.
please please please i dont wanna mess any of my paper.i dont wanna cursing to be having sitting at the back.and i really want to avoid having bad impression to any other university students who applied to be my university assistant examinations.
im so soo sorry but this is really depressing and stressed us please please and please.

footnote=if this continue, i am to suggest that qualifications for examination assistants to be strictly reviewed again.thanx.may Allah bless.