mazola and tart nenas for dummies


location : kampung kelibang, langkawi
date : 27th of Ramadhan

seronok betinggung watching angah and isyatin at kitchen menguli tepung, kacang, etc when angah says,
"haa tiqah mai la try bwat."
and when the creative and kritis kazens make a team-brain-building, 

we have some chickens

some mickeys

playboy curve some rabbits

some ikan bilises

and because some designs or shapes not yet created, so we make our owns....

a golden bird that needs to dance


this post is a hundred percent full of selfishness view of mine -- you are allowed to disagree, comment, add and/or say anything -- indeed the purely reasons is, in hopes if someone ever read it (i said 'if' though) and/or acts upon it, i shall get some barakah (ameeen).yes i am fasting so i can't lie.heeeee proceed.

i was at teraweeh prayer in the mosque with ummi -- the next semester will start around 2 weeks after aidilfitri, so i got to fulfill the whole ramadhan this year at home.yaaay! -- where i learned the most distract-full generation of human population which are : KIDS. 
okeh.dont get me wrong.i dont hate kids.i am the eldest of 6 siblings.half of my life (at least at my age now) i live with kids, up till now.i know kids.i once was a kid.i am okay with kids.but not okay with kids that yelling, shouting and/or playing throwing shoes at women praying area and/or acting polis-tangkap-pencuri along every space they can find among the dont come by themselves to the mosque.i mean, heck, where are the mothers?annoyed and frustrated, i blurted out to ummi;

"kalau mak2 ne rasa depa x dpt control anak2 depa, awatla bwk jugak mai masjid eh?"

ummi senyum aja.given a little moments, one makcik in front of us bangun dan bergerak ke belakang saff, and i heard she told the other makcik beside her;

"saya ada anak kecik kt blakang.satgi kacau pulak."

oooooooouh.and at that moment also, ummi and i had a psychic-mute-conversation confirming that she heard my complaints.haha.but i dont see her removing place made any difference.her child keeps circling her while we prayed, bouncing in front of her, and yes beside us also.still kacau jugak.

(ouh please excuse my keeps changing and i just cudnt keep tracks of it.haha)

the special guest


in the name of Allah, the most Graceful, the most Merciful

special guest is approaching
the stairway of existence

you now come
have we all now come to
the Beloved's
for through the stairway of existence
Ramadhan is here

p/s:it was actually in the draft-haha-and goes waaaaay back.but ill just use the date from the draft, okeh?and in the name of God, may our path cross again.