siMplE plEasUre to trEasUre..


tuday is dE day which I turn 19..!
when peOple comE out age at 18, me, a year ahead..
supPosed tu mean a big, a big girl now..
de thing is, dis grEat plEasure should beEn trEasurE alOng..
bUt whEn it had wEnt gOne..
de faCt is sOmehOw distUrbancE..
anOther yEar pasSed..
did de valuEs in mE imprOved..?smartEr..?bEttEr..?
mY Lord Allah,
make de End of my agE de bEst aGe,
makE my bEst deEd my laSt deEd,
n dE bEst day of miNe,
is de day whEn I meEt YOU..

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