beEn tagGed..

"timE kasEyh" d ucaPkn kPd makcEk husna y sUdi men tag
barU bEnapas skEt rUang y x bapE nk beHapdet neH..

1)Do you think you're hot?
x kowt, kiPas bRpUsing dgn kElajuan maX~so x kOwt..[sejuk..]
2)Upload your favourite picture of you!

3)Why do you like that picture?
haha..y?nMpk rajin kOwt[tah lew bUku tuh tulih pe, hUraian hukUm~fully araBic]

4)When was the last time you ate your pizza?

last...urm, 4 bulan stEngah y lalu

5)The last song you listened to?

shattered (turn yor car arOund)~o.A.r

6)What are you doing right now besides this?
mKan bihUn paMa..~sEdapP!
7)What name would you prefer besides yours?
'Atiqah bt Wan Muhayudin~dis naMe still..!
[urGh..myb a litel 'Wan' at de bEginNing~blEy ayah?]
People i tag
1) akMal
2) nabeEla sHakina
3) najLa fatEn
4) fatiMah
5) iHsan
8)Who is number 1?
maKnusia y sEring berbWat paSal bsM d rumah
9)Number 3 is having a relationship with?
rElatiOnship gak kn..?tu la, lenkali bg sPesipik sket sOklan
10)Say something about number 5?
hahaha..tNy dy?neh pEneman p tOilet dulU Esan kn?haha
11)How about number 4?
amiRah oOo aMirah..!pa haBaq niLaiku yg pErmai..?
12)Who is number 2?
mai kaZen~[kiTa kWn dr dLm pErut lg kn..?kn..?]
kePd y tElah d tag, sila-siLa la jWb yEr..

2 Responses to "beEn tagGed.."

.Nana. Says :
November 28, 2008 at 2:00 AM

comeynye hangpa sume neh..
ajen stadi..
mish our klazmates dulu.hehe

:missy najlaa: Says :
December 23, 2008 at 5:34 PM

atiqahhhhhh~'s college?

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