uNrEst of sPirit...=3?


I dreamt we sat in the kitchen
like we used to drinking tea
the apparition vanished, as in life’s reality
“We will meet again,” is what I’m sure I felt her say
on the day when veils and secrets of the heart will be torn away
for all the wisdom and tea you gave to me
let me offer something now so warm and comforting and sweet
can you hear me whisper to you as you sleep
“La Ilaha Ill Allah.”
did you always understand, as I let go of your hand
For all the wisdom and tea you gave to me
Let me turn to something now so warm and meaningful and sweet
Allah give us peace in our final sleep
“La Ilaha Ill Allah.”
Give us patience to understand
“Ya Ghafoor , Ya Rahman.”
What is finally in the heart
what is the final choice?
Allah knows, and all that we can claim,
are just memories and our voice.
~wisdom n tea~dawud ali~
currently hit de ears from my mp3
just going to scratch some itchs
nak balik...!!

hello parents
hello siblings
hello home
kaklong is missing ...=]

3 Responses to "uNrEst of sPirit...=3?"

:missy najlaa: Says :
May 15, 2009 at 7:28 PM

tiqah..rindu ke?saba la yea..

missyaLiah Says :
May 31, 2009 at 5:51 PM

tiQ.. bLe nk hapdet bLog neiyh???
dA bLik umah org yg de WiFi pun xmO hapdet bLog kew?? :P

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