mazola and tart nenas for dummies


location : kampung kelibang, langkawi
date : 27th of Ramadhan

seronok betinggung watching angah and isyatin at kitchen menguli tepung, kacang, etc when angah says,
"haa tiqah mai la try bwat."
and when the creative and kritis kazens make a team-brain-building, 

we have some chickens

some mickeys

playboy curve some rabbits

some ikan bilises

and because some designs or shapes not yet created, so we make our owns....


later, the experiments of tart nenas,
these were angah's:

and these were ours :

we made mushrooms, but i thot it turns out lesung batu.haha

we made pineapple, but i guess it turns out to be durian

the attempts of angry bird, but i think it goes angri-er.haha

when the amateur going creative and kritis, they'll make another version of "for dummies"

untill then, then.......V[^^,]

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