toWards maNagE-ing

do not mind me, when I take dis tone..
do you know what it’s like, to be betrayed..?

a) feeling boiled over as if yu want to tear or rip those people apart [myb kinda affected by vampire sequel which I watched lately..ugh]

b) simply want to put them into my mother’s specialty lesung batu, tenyeh2 them whole- heartedly, seasoning or myb some belacan into, tenyeh2 again, a mouthful salt of fail-management-anger, punch it together then serve all de kucings at econ’s department café..[believe me, they’ll eat anything]

c) try hard to keep your chin up, mimic a laugh when yu stands in crowd, xcept there’s a stinging at de back of your eyes, can’t help it tu cry a sea, covering mountains, all behind people, undoubtedly alone.

d) Or myb just lalalalala~nothing happened..i live yu live we know people we got betrayed we live again haha

Ring any bell? does any of those sounds like yu..?
Ow yeah myb I’m just making a fuss but seriously, doesn’t these people realize how deep yu place de trust in?

But myb dis could all go for a reasons
Myb ‘they’ just happen to b de puller string, n end up s a TEST!
Somehow they always did eh..?
So when life’s a mess, just focus to realize it cud b a test!

I hate it, to keep regretting why it didn’t occur to me earlier..
It wouldn’t b dis vain…

We were just souls with one target
This was a course that we both charted
But how did we end broken heart

Can faith pull us through
Don’t know what I should do

Now comes the time, time to mend fences
To remove the mask and stop pretending
Because now the whisper’s winning
And how could this be our ending

Please please please hold the line now,
Just long enough so we can find out
Find out how we work things out

~Hold the Line~

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