the letter


from the desk of ___ foyer __ CAC (fill in the blank), current-nobody-but-future-somebody for life.

dear all.may this note reach you in good iman, emotion and health.

please please please stop chit-chatting, ber-sembang-ing, laughing, giggling, slapping happily, or pretending like you are not any examination assistants when technically instead that you are, and still doing it even when somebody gave you the most horrible angriest stupidest daring ever.
please please please i dont wanna mess any of my paper.i dont wanna cursing to be having sitting at the back.and i really want to avoid having bad impression to any other university students who applied to be my university assistant examinations.
im so soo sorry but this is really depressing and stressed us please please and please.

footnote=if this continue, i am to suggest that qualifications for examination assistants to be strictly reviewed again.thanx.may Allah bless.

yeah.this was my "flying letter" (what do we call surat layang in english?kite letter?ah nevemind) that i gave the examination assistants (by gave i mean not hand-it-over-give, i just left it on my desk, since they wajib to pick up all the leftover's papers or simply the mess we created after the exam kan?) written straight afte they pick up my Company Law's paper on desk __ at the very back of that foyer __.

and it was very frightening to go back the next day for my next paper DMC at that same foyer __, with the very same group examination assistants again, unfortunately at the very back, again (no lucky desk number for me this sem, i guess) haha padanlah muka ak dah nak sgt kompelin kan?

but.but that day was okay.they extremely quiet and professional to those peeps at the back.well idk if they recognised that the yesterday maroon girl is again sitting at the very back, the one who wrote the  "flying letter", yet again wearing the same maroon ( what?recycle is menjimatkan okeh) so i guess they got that "flying letter".and it works.hahaha

so here goes.i am no saint.not a patience student also.could be tactless, merciless, emotionless, hati beku or whatever.i am just a simple nobody who got really sick to be forgetting what i try not to forget even if i try hard enough, and easily mad-to-be when my sitting in the examination hall just to experienced a spoilers, lost cause and clues, forfeited and perplexed answers, cut and missed-the-way words, and anything between hopeless and soo really sorry brothers and sisters.and i hope God forgive me.

good day for you all.sekian.thank you!

4 Responses to "the letter"

.Cik Nana. Says :
April 4, 2011 at 8:22 AM

ye ke tiq?bising sgt ek?kelakanye..haha..smpai tulis surat layang..len kali gtau je trus dpn2..

hma Says :
April 4, 2011 at 9:23 AM

tiq, setuju!
the only paper kat cac iala ungs 3. saya duk belakang sekali n sangat bising! tapi nasib ungs je. sabar3.

Anonymous Says :
April 4, 2011 at 11:17 PM

marah je, cakap ' shhhhhhhhhhhh ' kuat2 hehe :)

atiqyudin Says :
April 4, 2011 at 11:33 PM

cik nana
siyes bising sgt2.boleh dgr sebijik-sebijik dorang begosip.abes ilang sume acts.aduuuu

awak sangaaaaat lucky.saye pn nak jwb exam kt law smngat law sikit.

ko pike sape y daring pandangan pling maut kt dorang kalo bukan ak?hahaha

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