the 10 lessons from final exam


this is just a crappy list a humourly-interesting-in-opinion-list not out of normal stuff i usually wrote pun kan?just because ive recently been in the greatest harsh passage of final exam [it never been me] and with all the times i have now [thats right.5 months ahead of holiday.yes people.5 MONTHS!] i have began philosophizing my head of lessons from final here goes.

1--final xm shows the real people's brings out both of the best in people and the worst in people.kan?kan?ever heard of win-win-final-exam-situation?i read it somewhere that there are people who studied and reverse damn hard yet tell people anxiously "aduuuh.weh camana neh?ak x abes study lg.bnyk lg neh.adoi.x phm neh.adui.adeh.bla bla bla" and then when the result is out and they got bad results, it goes "see?kan ak da ckp.ak mmg study x abes doh.uuuuui" or when the results is good "eh?macamna boleh lulus neh?cemerlang pulak tuh.padahal ak x study pun.uish ajaib.ajaib." nampak?win-win situation.duh!

2--reveal real friends and not real friends.well screw somebody who prefer last minutes study [me.pick me again] but we can actually tell member yang ikhlas tlg photocopykan extra notes/slides, or who wud want to reveal any extra knowledge they have, or any additional i-am-madam-faveret-so-she-told-me-everything information, or member who persistently want to learn one chapter she/he just realized they dont know its existence before from you who got another exams tomorrow, and even member that being extra generous to provide great amounts of notes that make you think that the thick-974 pages-textbook is more than enough to study since you'll never going to finish it anyway, or etcetera etcetera.

3--the questions that usually come out in the exams are mostly the one that i chose not to spot, or the one that i "baca main-main/gitu-gitu-aje", or somehow messiest-lly and intangible-lly written in tiny, backwards, upside-down, or been made up to any silly pictures or scribbles in my notes.

4--madam/sir/lecturers often have problem that they assume we took their class individually, or in other words, their class they tend to cramp all 10 chapters from the whole subject in a one-3-hours-paper.mungkin patut bwat camtu kot?amek satu subject saja for one semester, then ill graduate exactly at......lets see, 2020?

5--time management

6--er.time management?[i cud put this again once more since this is the crucial part that ive been vigorously struggling damn solid and firm enough, yet still listing it as my lessons.on serious note, i KNOW itll always gonna be my bad is that?]or.or maybe the lecturer's time management skills.haaa.the worst assignment, [violent, inflexible, and complicated assignment that usually includes the survey part, the research part, the interview part, the graph or charts part, the reject part, and worse; the do-it-again part] this type of assignment is always due right before the final, or always get into points in cgpa.


8--and during final, you can eat absolute garbage and still lose weight.and can eat absolutely nothing but still gain weight.haha

9--ooouh.and this.sometimes, right in the middle of the exam, i wud pause and wonder; "cud ive been better in psychology?or bisnez?or even architecture?" ahahaha.silly!or to wonder of any new and interesting way of writing the answer sheet, such as; i refuse to answer this question on the ground that it conflicts with my view and opinion regarding my future bla bla bla.haiy

10--ermm what else what else.just hearing my caffeinated roars!ahaha.or youll have crazy and depressing selection songs as your lists in mp3 while shine the books and notes as shining swords and armours, and confidence as soulmate, and shooting as well as rambling to be as you know, skills.

there you have it.perfect 10!this is mengarut-ing mostly, but everything is about the essences.

but vital and most importantly lessons---->is to be exercising hablun-min-Allah greatly only at a times like this.ouh.oh.oh.are we really that easy?for a less or a better words--this is SUCKss!bila susah ingat bila senang lupa.ouch!well we know damn great that human forget.yes human sucks.but human can do better.human can be better.kan?

ever heard the greatest lies to all of us students?okeh here it is=that grades will affect the rest of your life and how you will live in the ‘real’ world.oouh.THEY.DO.NOT.muslim kan kita?ever heard the 4 things that have been determined?your life your death your rezeqi and your get this; no matter you flunk out scool or fail one or three subjects, how you end up not being an accountant or lawyer, He'll make sure you do with whatever that been predetermined.if you worried-sick that you get a D and have to repeat the paper, or an F so you'll die, well He predetermined your death to, remember?so you'll die at His time, F or D.

college and university is just trash when theyre not letting people in, or kick people out, for just some letter on a sheet of paper, we are more than that, kan?ive got B, C, and D on SPM's sheet but i got into IIUM.dont be misunderstood, but the point here, grades do not reflex people's intelligence, [even in some cases they do] it is just an evaluate something that cud not be evaluate by something else.test or exams is only testing you how good you were at taking test.or maybe how good you were memorizing what you read the night before.kan?

wake up people.we are muslim.there's much more to us.ijazah vs tarbiah or not, this is more than that.we are more than exam is just some thing.the "real" exam ahead is everything.

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