yeah, it's been a while.


yeah, the truth is i always skipped a post on new semester and another on the end of semester.oh and not to mention another at any time-i-like-it-to post.heh.nice ticq~

some people updated their life.some people cursing.some people story.some people advice.some people blabber.yet im not some people.hahaha.and maybe yes, i post it at any time i feel sorry.but then, however few the posts it seems, yet more than my facebook, google, yahoomail, twitter (yes i do have one.haha), i love this space more.its not about the pictures, my words (like it really matters.huuuu), or anything and since its not a social networking site, i guess anyone who still hold onto it must be here for a i was asking myself; to what do i owe this post today?

two words.

haha.thats the beauty of see, i never have an idea to write anything, but i type could create something beautiful just out of nothing.the usual types, people might refer to objects, or people, but doesnt it seem materialistic?okeh, by all means; it is true that nature tends to be beautiful, people can be beautiful, arts can also be beautiful, yet the first thing that came to my mind was a pen and a paper.

yes.i find beauty in human mind.
the beauty of thinking.
the beauty of words carved.
the beauty of khat.the beauty of poetry and songs.
and yes, obviously it came from YOU.
how beautiful your creation.oh Allah how beautiful you must be.

and it goes beyond that.
people can be very smart.can create something beyond beautiful.but how we act upon it and made decisions about it can make it beautiful also.guess thats my lessons today.there is something beautiful in what we act, do and think, but it only comes if we act, do and think in certain way.  

i might not know what beauty really is.but i am learning.and i hope this is part of coming to learn what it is.

ouh.and i support positive thinking!
let's just hope our path cross again soon enough, that i will have something interesting and worthy by His side to post, and let other's rewards from it as well, insha-Allah.

peace out peeps!!

p/s:happy eid-mubarak!may all sacrifices we made on this very road will be blessed always.mardhatillah~

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