SH---part 1


i made myself who i am
i let it appeared the way i am

so the way i am
happen to be that way
when they thought this and its not
when they think not but i did this
guess its nobody's fault 

[because clearly its mine.well i know.i sux]
hahaha this is cheesy irritating mngarut so never mind lalalala
bukan semua benda y betol tu sedap didengar kan?tp kebenaran harus ditelan [ouch] give it big or rest.okeh.marah itu dr syaitan.stop!

dan nmpaknya ak masih lg takut dgn jatuh dunia dr jatuh akhirat.dan kdg2 malu dgn manusia lg tggi dr malu dgn Dia.adeeeeesh!weh!ape nak jadi?

mngkin ak x cuak dgn mnjadi ak.yet ive still got cuak when i did wrong.guess its a relief.
so im self-healing~

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