tak manis langsung!


Ayah brought home 3 packets of laksa late that evening.i know its for tok ayah and though i like foods and eating foods very much, but given the situation where you have prepared lunches and the facts that staying home at hols usually and successfully 'elaborating' your fatss like its nobody's business, i kinda get annoyed. 

"laaa.awat beli laksa?nasik bnyk nuh.sapa nak mkn banyak-banyak neh?"

but apan promptly put up his hands.
"eh takpe takpe.apan nak!apan nak makan laksa!"

so i watched him eating.and it looks delicious.

"huh?tak sedap?"

he stopped.and frowned.
"haah.masin gila.sat na"

he tasted it more.and made face.
"betullah.tak manis langsung!kaklong x pyhla makan."


sad face losing in 'lari bawak pingpong dalam sudu' from previous family day.haha.

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