tak manis langsung!


Ayah brought home 3 packets of laksa late that evening.i know its for tok ayah and though i like foods and eating foods very much, but given the situation where you have prepared lunches and the facts that staying home at hols usually and successfully 'elaborating' your fatss like its nobody's business, i kinda get annoyed. 

"laaa.awat beli laksa?nasik bnyk nuh.sapa nak mkn banyak-banyak neh?"

but apan promptly put up his hands.
"eh takpe takpe.apan nak!apan nak makan laksa!"

so i watched him eating.and it looks delicious.

"huh?tak sedap?"

he stopped.and frowned.
"haah.masin gila.sat na"

he tasted it more.and made face.
"betullah.tak manis langsung!kaklong x pyhla makan."


sad face losing in 'lari bawak pingpong dalam sudu' from previous family day.haha.

bagai umang-umang


so i was helping apan with his homework last night.and since me myself failed to differentiate a peribahasa and simpulan bahasa, (which causing apan to act belagak-ly) and yet his 'Panduan Peribahasa Melayu KBSR' appears to only go so far, we decided to go for ummi.but it turns out we can't really put hopes up of peribahasa matters to a maths's teacher.

"uuuuu.jgn tny ummi lah.mualimah intan brapa kali dah kata ummi bg ajaran sesat kat depa ha."
"ala.bagai umang-umang tu ape mi?"
"oh.org tu bercahaya-cahaya kot?mcm umang-umang tuh"

apan thought for a while.
"oh.apan ingatkan tu kunang-kunang."

see what i mean?

"kaklong.tolong apan googlekan peribahasa melayu?"

i wonder how my primary school life might have been much easier.

bagai umang umang=seseorang yang suka berpakaian bagus (dress up) tetapi bukan daripada miliknya sendiri.

its been a while - part 2 (or maybe 3?)


salam and hi.its been a while.again.and a long while.

its been a while since i cudnt hold my head up high
and its been a while since i cud stand on my own two feet again
its been a while since i cudnt look at myself straight
(not to quote staind.but its been a while.warning:the lyrics cud be wrong.heh.)

remember that time when you had friendster?or my space?or anything before facebook?yeah atiq, you once had a blog.hahaha.

i remember when i was that little girl fond of being a doctor after befriending one from the ward.or a pilot after that takuya kimura's "good luck".or a postman from that jiwang stories from majalah ujang.and just like any other little girl, i grew up.

"i guess we are who we are for a lot of reasons.and maybe we'll never know most of them.but even if we dont have the power to choose where we come from, we can still choose where we go from there.we can still do things.and we can try to feel okay about them"
~the perks of being a wallflower.

what if you wish to tell someone things you'd consider doing istiqamah-ly for the rest of your life for like 33 years more ahead but you knew they'd never believe you?
i'd say ill just try.

and maybe sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.

its been a long time.but im here.im keeping my iman pumping.insha-Allah.

yeah, it's been a while.


yeah, the truth is i always skipped a while.one post on new semester and another on the end of semester.oh and not to mention another at any time-i-like-it-to post.heh.nice ticq~

some people updated their life.some people cursing.some people story.some people advice.some people blabber.yet im not some people.hahaha.and maybe yes, i post it at any time i feel to.im human.im sorry.but then, however few the posts it seems, yet more than my facebook, google, yahoomail, twitter (yes i do have one.haha), i love this space more.its not about the pictures, my words (like it really matters.huuuu), or anything and since its not a social networking site, i guess anyone who still hold onto it must be here for a reason.so i was asking myself; to what do i owe this post today?

two words.

haha.thats the beauty of it.you see, i never have an idea to write anything, but i type anyway.you could create something beautiful just out of nothing.the usual types, people might refer to objects, or people, but doesnt it seem materialistic?okeh, by all means; it is true that nature tends to be beautiful, people can be beautiful, arts can also be beautiful, yet the first thing that came to my mind was a pen and a paper.

quoting quotes


a new week from a new semester just passed at the garden of knowledge and virtue and im starting to realize much more values than ever.oh and im thinking of quoting every quotes that ive heard and like alongside the road im walking here at IIUM.theheeee.mcm best kan?

gladly quoted from my PSA lecturer this week was

"view RM less, view value more"

we were talking about public sector (i think so) and it was quite nice when he stressed more on welfare of society rather than rich-ing the people.oh and he added some "people" shud take note (in sarcasm.haha).

and only later then, that i realize he was only put it that way so we all buy the textbook he recommended, rather than photocopy-ing.sheeeesh.and to add, more than one subject prefer the new edition book this semester, meaning you cant use your senior's.

ouh tiq.bende2 lagha len melambak hang dok beli.buku text 6 bijik xkan x bole kan?kan?

mazola and tart nenas for dummies


location : kampung kelibang, langkawi
date : 27th of Ramadhan

seronok betinggung watching angah and isyatin at kitchen menguli tepung, kacang, etc when angah says,
"haa tiqah mai la try bwat."
and when the creative and kritis kazens make a team-brain-building, 

we have some chickens

some mickeys

playboy curve some rabbits

some ikan bilises

and because some designs or shapes not yet created, so we make our owns....

a golden bird that needs to dance


this post is a hundred percent full of selfishness view of mine -- you are allowed to disagree, comment, add and/or say anything -- indeed the purely reasons is, in hopes if someone ever read it (i said 'if' though) and/or acts upon it, i shall get some barakah (ameeen).yes i am fasting so i can't lie.heeeee

okeh.so proceed.

i was at teraweeh prayer in the mosque with ummi -- yes.as the next semester will start around 2 weeks after aidilfitri, so i got to fulfill the whole ramadhan this year at home.yaaay! -- where i learned the most distract-full generation of human population which are : KIDS. 
okeh.dont get me wrong.i dont hate kids.i am the eldest of 6 siblings.half of my life (at least at my age now) i live with kids, up till now.i know kids.i once was a kid.i am okay with kids.but not okay with kids that yelling, shouting and/or playing throwing shoes at women praying area and/or acting polis-tangkap-pencuri along every space they can find among the saff.kids dont come by themselves to the mosque.i mean, heck, where are the mothers?annoyed and frustrated, i blurted out to ummi;

"kalau mak2 ne rasa depa x dpt control anak2 depa, awatla bwk jugak mai masjid eh?"

ummi senyum aja.given a little moments, one makcik in front of us bangun dan bergerak ke belakang saff, and i heard she told the other makcik beside her;

"saya ada anak kecik kt blakang.satgi kacau pulak."

oooooooouh.and at that moment also, ummi and i had a psychic-mute-conversation confirming that she heard my complaints.haha.but i dont see her removing place made any difference.her child keeps circling her while we prayed, bouncing in front of her, and yes beside us also.still kacau jugak.

(ouh please excuse my language.it keeps changing and i just cudnt keep tracks of it.haha)

the special guest


in the name of Allah, the most Graceful, the most Merciful

special guest is approaching
the stairway of existence

you now come
have we all now come to
the Beloved's
for through the stairway of existence
Ramadhan is here

p/s:it was actually in the draft-haha-and goes waaaaay back.but ill just use the date from the draft, okeh?and in the name of God, may our path cross again.



In your name, Oh Lord, I lay to sleep
to rise in the morning, by your leave.
If you take my soul from me as I rest,
please forgive me.
And if I wake in the morning again, 
to a new and bright day, then I pray 
You will always guide me,
upon the straight way.